Still Speaking Up is an initiative of Propuesta Cívica born in 2019 to create social awareness and make visible the crisis in which freedom of expression is found in Mexico and the intensified spiral of violence against journalists.

In 2019 we returned the voice to journalists killed in our country due to investigating and informing their society about painful aspects that are shaking Mexico. With the support of their family and friends, we reactivated their Twitter accounts to continue publishing what they were investigating at the time of their crimes.

In 2020, Still Speaking Up gives voice to Javier Valdez Cárdenas, a journalist assassinated on May 15, 2017, for exercising ethical investigative journalism. Modern technology made it possible to bring Javier Valdez back from death, to make a critical request to Mexico's President and Governors: putting a stop to violence against the press and give justice to his murder, and hundreds of assassinations and disappearances committed against journalists. All of this in the context of the International Day to end Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.

In one of the deadliest countries for the press, this campaign calls the Government to establish a direct, respectful, and honest dialogue with journalists. Not all of them are enemies. Authorities must prevent the murder, disappearance, and any other aggression directed at journalists; and guarantee that sufficient conditions exist to practice journalism to keep building the unfinished Mexican democracy. The campaign also proposes routes of action to our governing authorities through the "Decalogue to address violence and impunity against the press," which we hope will be revisited.

Even after being murdered or disappeared, journalists in Mexico will continue to speak. They may have quenched their bodies but will never silence their voices.


Mexico lives in a situation of extreme violence, a climate of almost absolute impunity, corruption by public officials at all levels, and a narco-politics established in various states.

In this spiral, journalists have been severely affected, to the point of placing us as the most violent and high-risk country for the exercise of freedom of speech and journalistic work.

The three levels of government (Federal, state, municipal) of the three orders of power (executive, legislative and judicial) in Mexico must work in a responsible and articulated manner in immediate actions that generate the conditions for an improvement in security and justice for the exercise of freedom of speech in this country:

Requirements to government of all levels:

1. Leaders at federal, state, and municipal levels must publicly acknowledge the fundamental role that journalists play in Mexican society, condemn at all times any violation committed against them, and avoid stigmatizing speech.

2. Create an effective coordination model between federal and local authorities to investigate and punish attacks against journalists, prioritizing murder and disappearance cases.

3. Guarantee sufficient budgetary resources for the right and effective function of the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists. a. Given the elimination of the Protection Mechanism Trust, provide immediate and specific answers on how the protection model for journalists will be developed and how the economic and human resources required to provide comprehensive protection to all beneficiaries and those who come to need it will be ensured. b. The creation of a coordination system between the Federal Mechanism and state authorities that guarantees comprehensive protection and effectively meets journalists' forced displacement and their safe return.

4. Both the Special Prosecutor's Office for Crimes committed against Freedom of Speech (FEADLE) and the local prosecutor's offices must develop investigation plans with a perspective on freedom of speech that allows effective investigations and the identification of the material and intellectual perpetrators of crimes. They shall create an accountability mechanism that enables tracking the progress of the investigations opened for attacks on journalists.

5. Train all judges in international human rights norms and standards on freedom of speech and gender approach when serving female journalists.

6. Sanction promptly all public officials who obstruct the investigation or prosecution of those responsible for attacking journalists.

7. Put in order and strengthen the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV) to fulfill its mandate to guarantee comprehensive legal and psychosocial assistance to victim journalists and their families.

8. Create legal provisions that correct the precarious working conditions in which hundreds of journalists work in Mexico and which dramatically increases their vulnerability.

9. Repeal the Printing Crimes Law of 1917 and remove from the penal codes the crimes that criminalize freedom of speech; guarantee the protection of honor in civil codes through civil procedures, following international standards so that lawsuits for "moral damage" do not become a mechanism of aggression against freedom of speech.

10. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador must resume the communication presented by Propuesta Cívica and Reporteros Sin Fronteras, on March 2019, to the International Criminal Court (CPI) for crimes against humanity against journalists during the six-year term of former presidents Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto.

Before being assassinated for investigating and reporting, Javier Valdez stated that in Mexico, "The great sin, the unforgivable crime : is to write about painful events that are shaking the country… The big mistake: living in Mexico and being a journalist".

This reality must change now!

Is a Mexican civil society organization that provides free comprehensive support to journalists and defenders attacked or at risk for doing their job. In recent years, it has established itself as a benchmark in the country for the defense and promotion of human rights and freedom of speech. Among the cases in which it accompanies family members of victims are those of Javier Valdez and Miroslava Breach, both journalists murdered in 2017.

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"Access to justice for families is exhausting and disappointing. Being a victim in Mexico is the early renunciation of the clarification of almost any illicit act. When it comes to crimes against freedom of speech, the impunity rate is more than 90% ..."

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